Monday, February 19, 2018

Examples of Ways Our Combined Gifts Can Help Others

$5 purchases one Catholic Bible to be given to:
     a retreat participant
     a parish RCIA catechumen
     a confirmation student.

$10 for one person to attend the People Living with Disabilities Retreat.
$10 per person to attend a Singles Healthy Relationship 3-week course.
$10 per participant in ASF Year of Mercy Day.
$10 sends an information packet from the USCCB Annual Pro-Life program to a parish.
$10 sponsors a detention volunteer at the annual Detention Volunteer Appreciation Day.

$12.50 sends one attendee to the Annual Advent Gathering sponsored by the Native American Office.

$15 sponsors a middle school student to attend the ASF Mid-School Youth Conference.

$30 sponsors a mother/daughter to attend an afternoon tea sponsored by the Family Life Office.

$35 sends one Youth to the pre-season ASF soccer camp.
$35 registers one Youth for ASF Soccer League.
$35 sponsors one man to attend the Annual Men Under Construction Conference.

$40 sends one youth to the Annual ASF Youth Conference.

$50 provides one scholarship for one participant to attend a full week of Summer Certification
Formation classes.

$70 sponsors one class for Catechetical Leaders training.

$100 sponsors a young person to attend the Catholic Christian Leadership Institute (CLI).
$100 for 100 Christmas goodie bags for youth in the Bernalillo County Detention Center.
$100 helps sponsor an attendee to the Social Action Summer Institute.
$100 sponsors one Love and Logic Parenting Series for up to 10 parents.
$100 provides partial transportation cost for one participant to the Regional V Encuentro.
$100 provides stipend for professional grief counseling session for families.

$200 subsidizes a special speaker for the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
$200 pays for one speaker for a full day of formation for 100 ministers registered for the Escuelas de Ministerio (Spanish Language Ministry Formation).
$200 sponsors one Mass of Hope and Healing for those who have Lost a Child.

$300 sponsors a Building Healthy Relationships 6-week course for up to 20 couples (dating,
engaged or married).
$300 covers material/books for up to 20 individuals to attend the Mariposas support group for
families struggling with addictions. Mariposas meets weekly; ongoing.

$450 provides bus transportation for 45 Native Americans to attend the Native American Mass in Santa Fe.

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