Saturday, October 29, 2016


Lord Jesus, You welcome those who seek you
with a kindness and gentleness that wins souls.
You welcomed conversation with the Samaritan woman.
You welcomed the lame, the blind, the broken.
You were a friend of sinners that the self-righteous people rejected.
You displayed the greatest love of all,
that you laid down your life for your friends.

As people come to church, help me to be kind to them.
Help me to give them a welcome that is worthy of your Name.
Help me to display kindness in a way that will prepare the way for them
to encounter Jesus in his word, body and blood.
Help me to set aside my preoccupations and worries and focus on them.

Allow kindness to show forth in me,
blocking all negative judgment because of what a guest wears,
apparent social status, or ethnic background.
Allow kindness to show forth in as I greet each and every person who walks in the door.
Allow kindness to help me see an unspoken need and meet it today.

Let my ways be pleasing in your sight.
May the kindness I share help a person calm down from a stressful morning,
a nervous first time visitor to feel safe,
and share an expression of Your love for someone who needs it today.
May the kindness I show help everyone who enters today be at peace.

As I walk in kindness today,
I will bless each guest and member who walks into our church.
I want to help them to experience your presence.
In Your Name,

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